the irony and the ecstasy

by urquiza!

the irony and the ecstasy

it is the wonderment of finding the lost and unseen world that drives me. it is the strangeness of normality and the normality of strangeness that become the stories leaving me laughing and weeping. i want to see it all, remember it all and sadly i can’t. these places, events and people that make our concept of reality sustain us with emotion. the irony is when i pass this way again these moments are lost in our minds filled with so many others; the warmth of the day; the innocence of a face and the energy of the space are all gone. the layers of memory accumulate a patina and only the photograph remains.

this is not what i want to call a portfolio site, but a rambling collection of visions for you to assemble an idea of who i am and what i dream.

—john tapia urquiza


“photography is both the truth and a lie” —pedro meyer


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