the irony and the ecstasy

by urquiza!

sweet arroyo nights

editorial assignment, dreaming accessories in los angeles for visionarios magazine, milan.

spring in LA is always complicated. history and the night collide with LA chic. in this accessory story the colour block trend is still going strong, but its LA! and, vintage, earthy and western styles always lurk in the shadows. southern california is not all freeways and shopping malls. LA is dotted with old neighbourhoods filled with craftsman to art deco architecture as well as the many revival styles of the early 20th century. so many textures this spring, copper mixing with brilliant stones and juicy colours. its gritty in the city, its night in the city, but its always beautiful in LA.

elisabeth joy murray fashion/accessory stylist

kelly casper lombardo assistant stylist:

carlos anthony olivas assistant photographer / model

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taumbu international ensemble

this series of images were used on a cd release for taumbu the latin jazz & world music ensemble for the japanese market. we wanted to portray the love and joy that spills out of the tropical sounds of taumbu. normally i wouldn’t consider a tear sheet in this format, but this is one of my favourite latin jazz ensembles and i like the way the designer used the key photograph in its entirety, so check it out below. (if you go to japan, get me some copies!)











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