the irony and the ecstasy

by urquiza!
on the street

city of vernon

out takes on assignment. city of vernon has a population of about 112 people and is five miles outside of downtown los angeles. during business hours there are about 50,000 workers in the factories, warehouses and meatpacking buildings of vernon.






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watt’s towers park

i am a stranger in a strange land here.  shooting for LA commons at the watts tower jazz festival 9.25.11. i asked this black panther girl promoting a press conference at the county jail facility if i could take her photo, but i cropped her face. i don’t know why. she was very young and honest in her convictions. she read from her script like a telemarketer without taking a breath. she didn’t have to try, i was ready to listen. i want to believe that everybody likes jazz.








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going downtown

more out takes from the my sixth street assignment for the california apparel news. i think these brought me back to the beginning of my wandering downtown as a kid. i think it was the wheels, the walking and so many windows. back then it was big cars that would glide through the street, they have been replaced by scooters and bikes.


rocco espinoza owner of round2 one of the new hipster stores on sixth street. i went to high school with his sister, that was a strange revelation. it was the first person in thirty years that i have come across from that era. rocco is the window.


stanton james is a high end boutique on the ground floor of the old chubb insurance building. the windows are nothing like the old windows of the downtown department stores of the 60s. big stories and big visuals dancing behind glass. men in crisply steamed suits and women in skirts and camel hair coats bustling about.


the next time i see this guy i have to meet him. otherwise, the fantasy in my head of him as a skid row lawyer will become reality and will never be able to erase that memory.


the last frame of the assignment. on the bus, riding back to the newspaper.


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the necks @ the blue whale

opening night of angel city jazz festival: global jam september 22, 2011 at the blue whale in little tokyo. the necks from australia open the festival with two sets. chris abrahams, piano. tony buck, drums. lloyd swanton, bass.











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