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taumbu international ensemble

this series of images were used on a cd release for taumbu the latin jazz & world music ensemble for the japanese market. we wanted to portray the love and joy that spills out of the tropical sounds of taumbu. normally i wouldn’t consider a tear sheet in this format, but this is one of my favourite latin jazz ensembles and i like the way the designer used the key photograph in its entirety, so check it out below. (if you go to japan, get me some copies!)











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kimono diaries

kimono designer and stylist nobuaki tomita presents at the official residence of the japanese consul general of japan. in some images midori makino models a ten thousand dollar kimono. during the presentation tomita illustrates how kimonos are constructed from a single roll of textile and how the textiles are painstakingly designed from sketches to embroidered patterns which reveal an epic narrative much like an illuminated text.

published, california apparel news.




































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tokyo wanderer

izu kogen is a weekend or day resort complete with hot springs, a cable car to the top of a dormant volcano, a golf course and a stunning coastline for the urban residents of tokyo. this set has many extra landscapes to a beautiful location. in all the confinement that tokyo is, izu kogen is all about space. after a day on the rim of this volcano and under the gaze of mount fuji we walked through the forest to the rocky tidal pools. we ended the day with a mineral springs bath followed by a bottle of red wine at an argentine restaurant where the japanese host and hostess entertained us with a night of tangos.
































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