the irony and the ecstasy

by urquiza!

highland park study no.01

reflections and reactions. bicycles and french restaurants, spanish language health clinics and gentrification. beware this is the frontier of america.





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lost in space

900,000 photographers out to get this shot, didn’t even bother to try and sell these… i almost sat this one out except for a student that convinced me to go out with them. auto focus failed me for the split second shot with the LA skyline in the background. the money shot ended up being the last one.










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grand puppets

opening ceremonies at the $56 million grand avenue park. sorry no dignitaries or celebrities in this set. puppet masters beth petterson, jamie kim and company provide part of the pageant for the opening ceremonies.













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sixth street no. 1

out takes from an assignment covering the retail scene in downtown LA september 21, 2011. first image is the window of a store named flea while in the reflection is the old chubb insurance building converted to loftominiums. below, “she’s got legs, he don’t” in front of rocco espinoza’s store round2 LA, street level of the chubb insurance building.





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a night at the blue whale

i am really into this tri-x look. it reminds me of simpler days like hanging wet film in the dryer closet, the smell of acetic acid and having fun making a photograph. i hated tri-x back then, i thought it was crude. i wanted the perfection of reality, until i discovered kodak 2475 film.







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