the irony and the ecstasy

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la nueva ola

el conjunto la nueva ola is a mix of culturally heavy flavors from cover tunes of 80s new wave to rock en español. original songs are smothered in spicy addictive cumbia rhythms from colombia, but taste like the mexican-american los angeles experience when performed in luchadore masks (wrestling masks) and with songs like “home depot”. mexican band members urbano lopez, lead singer; primitivo rios, bassist; luzio nava, guitarist; hipolito madero, percussions; raio manzares, keyboards; tacho vasquez, percussions perform for the 8th anniversary of la cita bar in downtown los angeles. set includes back stage and images from a los globos show just weeks before. these are part of an image mapping project about the los angeles experience.

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taumbu international ensemble

this series of images were used on a cd release for taumbu the latin jazz & world music ensemble for the japanese market. we wanted to portray the love and joy that spills out of the tropical sounds of taumbu. normally i wouldn’t consider a tear sheet in this format, but this is one of my favourite latin jazz ensembles and i like the way the designer used the key photograph in its entirety, so check it out below. (if you go to japan, get me some copies!)











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mine eyes

part of a fine art series entitled metropolis. this is the first image that led me to this idea of street photography being in a dream like state and when we wake there are memories that cling to us such as a smell or a taste.



this image shot many years later is also from the same series. it depicts los angeles’ iconic chinatown pagoda style buildings as forms rather than the cacophony of colours.


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