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the necks @ the blue whale

opening night of angel city jazz festival: global jam september 22, 2011 at the blue whale in little tokyo. the necks from australia open the festival with two sets. chris abrahams, piano. tony buck, drums. lloyd swanton, bass.











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a night at the blue whale

i am really into this tri-x look. it reminds me of simpler days like hanging wet film in the dryer closet, the smell of acetic acid and having fun making a photograph. i hated tri-x back then, i thought it was crude. i wanted the perfection of reality, until i discovered kodak 2475 film.







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sadie and the blue devils

sweet sadie (sara coultas) and her new band the blue-eyed devils take old-timey songs and start swinging at mr T’s bowl, may 21, 2011. really low light levels and a white dress make for big chunky grain.













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taumbu international ensemble

this series of images were used on a cd release for taumbu the latin jazz & world music ensemble for the japanese market. we wanted to portray the love and joy that spills out of the tropical sounds of taumbu. normally i wouldn’t consider a tear sheet in this format, but this is one of my favourite latin jazz ensembles and i like the way the designer used the key photograph in its entirety, so check it out below. (if you go to japan, get me some copies!)











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