the irony and the ecstasy

by urquiza!

the workshops


“photography is the art of seeing. photography is the science of capturing light. photography is the art of painting with light. and, photography is the voice of one magnified a thousand times.”



sin turistas (no tourists) photography series was developed for the person who has something to say about the world and say it with a visual medium of photography. phase one are workshops with curriculum for the beginning through intermediate image maker. non-technical class modules are designed to explore the world and illuminate both the photographer and audience through an emotive experience. progressive courses allow students to practise control over light and the mechanics of photography while expressing personal vision. technical workshops are designed to introduce participants to current professional practises. workshops are a collaborative environment with demonstrations of techniques, discussion and exploration of masterworks, practical application through creation and instructor-peer critique forums. 

this series is for the visual communicator and students of the environment and culture they live in.  these students are seeking to improve their skills and discover new levels through the workshop format. sin turistas is also recruiting youth who are seeking a future in  photography and want to challenge their skills. it is an excellent opportunity for emerging photographers to build portfolio piece or express the social, human or environmental aspects of their image making in a unique and fluid environment of the changing communities of los angeles. sin turistas is about telling stories.

in phase one we train and develop a pool of local photography talent. phase two and three nurtures this community of image makers with activities and a voice. knowledge continues with a more open forum of private visits with other creators and photographers, exhibits and facilities. this photography community will also have opportunities to apply skills to documentary / expressive assignments for other non-profits in need of imagery. and lastly, the ‘voice magnified’ is the development of a bi-annual 32 page image journal for the expression of photography.

sin turista workshop series was built around exploring highland park as a changing culture and environment. its unique ability and success with students has spread beyond highland park to include greater los angeles. sin turistas is sponsored by avenue 50 studio a 501c3 non-profit art gallery and artists collective.


financial assistance programs

• a scholarship space is available in each workshop for those with a sincere desire or record in photography and the arts. the scholarship space is open to all, but with an emphasis towards youth applicants.

• financial assistance is also available on an as needed basis on workshops longer than a 2 sessions.

• intern or workshop assistant space is available for certain intermediate workshops. in exchange for being the intern or assistant fees are waived.


current organisational needs.

• seeking donations of monies equivalent to the cost of (2) dslr cameras with media cards to be used by a youth or person receiving financial assistants.

• computer labs and time for up to (16) persons with a full version of adobe photoshop and bridge on each computer.

• unique locations for meeting and critiques

• local personalities, cultural groups and environments as locations for meetings and subject matter.

• non-profits with a compelling missions that focus on people, culture or environments seeking documentation or expression of their services or mission.




check out the 2012 schedule of workshops!


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